Alumni on a Mission to Turn Malaysia Green

We hear and read so much about climate change, global warming, and protecting and saving the planet. But why should we be concerned about these issues when we are facing problems with unemployment, rising costs of living, and increasing house prices?

Any change for the planet has to start small, even if it begins with just one individual or company. On 26 March, the Chevening Talk Series on Climate Change explored the bigger picture of the Selangor state government’s green policy; best ways for consumers to reduce plastic usage; and the importance of corporations integrating ethical, eco-friendly habits into their business to create a sustainable consumption society.

It was a lively discussion with a star-studded all female panel featuring HRH Princess Zatashah of Selangor; YB Elizabeth Wong, Selangor's Green Technology and Environment Committee Chairman; Lavanya Rama Iyer, Head of Policy & Climate Change at WWF Malaysia; and Datin Mina Cheah-Foong, Founder of The Body Shop Malaysia. The audience was impressed by the range of matters discussed by the talented panellists championing an eco-friendly agenda in country, and the relevance of the topic to present day conditions.

Climate change will affect every part of society. The panellists agreed that the response to climate change is through mitigation and adaption, and this has to involve individuals and families at home; students and educators in schools; leaders and workers in organisations; and local, state, national and international government bodies. The actions we take and decisions we make can either create or limit opportunities for the next generation. The Chevening Talk Series sparked an awareness amongst our audience on the seriousness of this issue and raised a key question: What can I do as an individual to lessen the effects of climate change within my community?

The Chevening Talk Series in Malaysia is an initiative of the British High Commission in Kuala Lumpur. The series is designed to challenge thinking in the country on important issues, under the banner of Chevening and with cooperation of alumni throughout Malaysia.