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11 May 2018
Hi Angus, can you tell us a little bit about what the communications team at Chevening does? Read more
Programme Team - UK - Chevening Secretariat
09 May 2018
It’s hard to believe that eight months have passed already. Read more
Yasmine Fofana - Social Media Ambassador
04 May 2018
What does the word sustainability mean? How is it achieved? Is it an individual or collective problem? And how much will it cost? Read more
Chris Charamba - Social Media Ambassador
02 May 2018
‘It’s not only educational, but indeed also inspirational,’ said Manuela Rodriguez, a Chevening Scholar from Guatemala, studying at the University of Warwick, to describe the two day adventure fro Read more
Yosea Kurnianto - Social Media Ambassador
30 Apr 2018
Did you ever wish there was a way to address a pressing social problem that you deeply care about while using your talents and strengths in the business world? Read more
Melissa Guadalupe - Social Media Ambassador
27 Apr 2018
A walk through Bath is like entering a British fairy tale – you won’t want to leave! Read more
Samantha Mercadante - Programme Officer – UK
23 Apr 2018
Last year, a number of applicants from Rwanda did not meet the English language requirement for Chevening in time, meaning a number of awards could not be taken up. Read more
Robert Kamuratsi - Chevening Officer, Rwanda
23 Apr 2018
Meet Programme Officer – International, Ruth. Before joining Chevening, Ruth lived and worked in China and South Korea, where she taught English as a foreign language. Read more
Programme team - international - Chevening Secretariat
19 Apr 2018
Don’t worry if, like us, you didn’t receive an invite to the royal wedding of Price Harry and Meghan Markle, on Saturday, 19 May. Read more
Programme Team - UK - Chevening Secretariat
13 Apr 2018
Sandra Guzmán is a Chevening Alumna (2012) from Mexico. Read more
Sandra Leticia Guzmán Luna - Chevening Alumna