Friendly competition between Chevening Alumni and British Embassy Moscow

26 Sep 2017
Olga Diachenko Chair, Chevening-Russia Alumni Association

Conferences, workshops, and even a football game—this is the current events schedule of the Chevening-Russia Alumni Association. After a period of slow activity, Russian Chevening Fellows have opened a new page in the Association’s history. Indeed a significant role, in that British Embassy Moscow has found an efficient balance of support, partnership, and freedom in their cooperation with the Association.

Since 2016, a number of thematic roundtables and meetings have been organised in Moscow. However, the most vivid and emotional event was at the City-Football Center of Moscow.

A football game: The Chevening-Russia Alumni Association versus British Embassy Moscow has become a good example of cooperation and creativity for the global Chevening Alumni network. The British Embassy won the game and demonstrated impressive physical condition, as well as coordination between the players. Nevertheless, everyone was happy with the match and it was agreed that sports would be kept on the agenda.

The game was followed by a picnic where both teams, their friends, and families had a chance to share their emotions and to discuss plans for the upcoming events.