Chevening Alumni honoured in Libya

18 Oct 2017

In October, the British Ambassador to Libya, Peter Millett, hosted a reception in honour of Chevening Alumni from across Libya who studied in the UK between 2014 and 2016. It was the first diplomatic reception hosted by United Kingdom since re-establishing a diplomatic presence in Tripoli.

The reception took place at Nweji Cultural House, which is located in the old British Consulate and housed British Diplomats from 1744 until 1940. Mr. Tony Calderbank, the British Council Director, also attended the event.

At the reception, Ambassador Millett said 'The UK is proud to support talented young men and women from across Libya to gain skills which will help them fulfil their potential and benefit Libya as whole. Chevening Scholarships are a vital way for Libyans to study in the United Kingdom, and return to Libya with new skills and experiences that will help to promote economic reform to the benefit of all Libyans.'

Chevening Scholarships enable Libyans who have already displayed outstanding leadership potential to study postgraduate degrees in the UK. This year, 11 talented Libyans received Chevening Scholarships, and the British embassy plans to award more scholarships for the coming academic year.