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I'm using Gmail. Why am I not receiving the Scholargram?

Gmail has a filtering system which sometimes filters emails from Chevening. :-(

It will occasionally filter some emails from Chevening (including the Scholargram), but not all!

We’ve put together a guide which provides help for the two most common ways that emails from Chevening go astray – follow the steps below to ensure that you can receive them in future.

Gmail recommends following these steps on a computer because many of them can't be done through the Gmail app.

If trying both of these steps does not locate your email, please take a look at the Gmail missing messages help page.

(You can also download this guide as a PDF.)

1. Has the email gone into Gmail’s ‘promotions’ folder?

Click on the promotions tab in your inbox:

If you can see the email here, click on the email and drag it into Gmail’s ‘Primary’ folder:

A notification will pop up. Where it says ‘Do this for future messages from’, click yes. This will mean that emails from this address will not be filtered by Gmail in the future.

Did that work?

If not, please try step #2 below…


2. Has the email gone in the mail, spam, and trash filter?

Click on the little grey drop-down arrow at the right of the search bar (you can also search for 'Scholargram', or any other email term in the search box.):

Click on 'Mail & Spam & Trash':

Click the search button:

Your email will hopefully be located in this search:

Click on the check box for the email, then click 'More', and select 'Not spam' from the drop-down menu:

A notification should pop up saying: 'The conversation has been unmarked as spam and moved to the inbox'.

This email should now be in your inbox – and will go straight there in future! :-)

Did that work?

If not, please visit Gmail’s missing messages help page.

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10 August 2018



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